Egytrans being the pioneer in the Egyptian heavy lift and transport industry that it is; it did not shy away from taking on the large project of transporting two 233 ton transformers. The ordeal of transporting such large pieces of cargo along with additional equipment and accessories of general cargo was no easy task, but again Egytrans proved to be the company with the professionalism and eye for detail to take on this arduous task.

Loading into river barge in the Port of Alexandria

The two transformers were objects of great importance and concern to the client so it was imperative that Egytrans move forward with ample safety measures in mind. Careful planning was required when choosing the optimal transport path for the transformers. There were several bridges and canals which could not sustain the load and its reinforcement would be cost prohibitive for both Egytrans and the client. Because of this, a multi-modal concept was chosen including, barge and land based transport moving from the Alexandria port, along the Nubaria canal for 250 km to the Khatatba temporary jetty (designed and built by Egytrans) to its final unloading position in Giza North Power Station. Safety and cost efficiency were the main driving factors in choosing this decision.

The efficiency of moving the barge was thanks to careful planning, including a sound method statement, and teamwork with different governmental parties, subsidiary companies, and working partners. All paperwork and governmental arrangements were taken care of with such thoroughness that the whopping 450+ tons of cargo was offloaded in the Alexandria port in less than 24 hours saving the client any and all storage fees from the port.

233 Tons Trafos

The transport was even undertaken in the barricading period of the Nubaria canal, which means that it is the time of the lowest water levels of the year and the most difficult time to navigate barges through the canal. Egytrans again took this opportunity to showcase its astute planning and its attention to detail and safety precautions. The company collaborated with the Ministry of Irrigation and River Transport Authority to navigate the water locks system and to study the necessary water levels appropriate for maintaining the safety of the transformers and the barge in the process.

At Khatatba, Egytrans took it upon itself to build a temporary jetty to ensure the safety and route efficiency of transporting the transformers. Egytrans saw an opportunity to further develop investment opportunities by creating its own temporary jetty in Khatatba for such heavy lifts, saving both the company and any clients additional fees for using government jetties.

Unloading 233 Tons Trafo

Furthermore, a PC/CC 4200 crane was on hand with a super lift-supported lift mechanism to offload the transformers
and move them to hydraulic trailers supplied by “ETAL” (Egytrans Subsidiary Company) and to their final destination in the Giza North Power Station safely and exactly on time showcasing the professionalism and punctuality that Egytrans is proud to have.