EGYTRANS specializes in logistical solutions for large projects including transport of sensitive equipment and packages of exceptional weight or dimensions.? EGYTRANS has a highly trained and specialized team that carries out detailed route surveys and logistical studies to determine the best transport method and route for each piece of project cargo.? The team then supervises any work required to reclaim or strengthen any part of the route or remove obstacles along the path before carrying out the actual transport.

Over the years, EGYTRANS has successfully provided integrated transport solutions for power plants, cement mills, steel mills, transformer sub-stations, water and wastewater plants, oil, gas and petrochemical plants, large scale infrastructure projects and others.


EGYTRANS offers logistical services for projects in the following fields:

? Power plants
? Cement mills
? Steel mills
? Electric Sub-stations
? Water and waste-water plants
? Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals projects
? Infrastructure projects
? Air separation plants
? Tourism projects

Sample of Projects handled by EGYTRANS

? USAID Projects
? Ministry of Agriculture Projects
? Ministry of Transport Projects
? Ministry of Petroleum Projects
? Ministry of Tourism Projects
? Waterworks Projects
? Alexandria Governorate Projects
? Ministry of Housing and Urban Utilities
? Power Stations
? Pharmaceutical Plants

Recent projects handled by Egytrans:

  1. El-Atf Power Station Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) awarded to Egytrans the handling of all El Atf Power Station equipment including a huge gas turbine weighing 390 tons and a generator stator weighing 290 tons. The challenge was crossing over four old bridges during the trip to the site. A unique support system using hydraulic jacking was used to strengthen the bridges enabling the heavy lifts to cross over safely.
  2. Abou Quir Power Station As the preferred projects freight forwarder for Toyota Tsusho corporation, Egytrans was selected once again in 2011 to handle Abu Qir Power Station. Scope of work included two steam generators weighing 404 tons each. This challenging project required an innovative integrated sea–land transport solution up to the site with civil works and ground preparation in Abu Qir port.
  3. El-Shabab Power Station:?At the end of 2010, Egytrans was awarded a contract of EGP 15 million with Kharafi group, for the delivery of El-Shabab Power Station (45,000 Freight Tons including 8 steam turbines of 205 tons each and 8 generators of 177 tons each). ?All deliveries had to be completed within a very tight time frame of approximately 5 months.
  4. Ain El-Sukhna Power Station: EGYTRANS was awarded the deliveries for this project with a total of EGP 40 million. Total weight will be 136,000 tons from June 2011 to middle of 2012.
  5. Army Cement Factory in Arish: EGYTRANS cooperated with the Armed Forces to transport 3 Heavy Cement Mills (180 tons, 17 x 5.6 x 5.6m each). EGYTRANS also arranged and supervised all civil works needed inside Arish Port and up to the site.
  6. Maadi Water Station: EGYTRANS contracted to handle all materials for the Water Station from port to site, including packages of exceptional dimensions (Air Vessels weight 90 tons, 17 x 5.5 x 5.5m each).

Project Logistics Organizational Chart

Scope of Work

The project logistics team’s scope of work normally includes but is not limited to the following services:

Route Survey:

  • Based on particulars of abnormal packages, EGYTRANS’ Technical Team conducts required route studies to choose optimum route from port of entry to final destination.
  • Complete survey report is given to our client explaining conclusions reached.
  • Any suggested route reclamations, strengthening works for bridges, removing street fixtures, etc. are done by sub-contractors under the supervision of our civil engineering consultant.
  • The civil work is technically checked by the governmental authorities that issue permits for transport of the cargo.

Customs Clearance:

Normal Import

Free Zone

Port Handing
Intermediate Storage
Seating on foundation
Method Statement:

  • EGYTRANS prepares Method Statements for handling of the abnormal packages.
  • Statements explain in details the procedures to be followed and equipment, materials & time required.

Equipment Owned by EGYTRANS

8 Tractors
8 Trailers 30 tons
2 Lowbed 50 tons
2 Telescopic trailers (from 12 to 20 meter)
1 Forklifts 5 tons
4 Forklifts 16 tons
2 Top loaders 42 tons
3 Dollies 40 tons (for pkgs up up to 40.00 m.Long)

Equipment Owned by ETAL

Hydraulic trailer model No. of Lines No. of Files Capacity
Scheuerle 40 2 1200 tons
Trabosa 10 2 260 tons
Drive 8 2 216 tons
Cometto 8 2 150 tons
Cometto 6 2 110 tons
SCHEUERLE turn tables 2 units each 300 tons
Trabosa turn tables 2 units each 150 tons
Two Extendable Trailers (Faymonville Telemax trailers 2013) up to 47.5 m 3 times extendable with 3 extensions 40 Ton each
Tractors Model Max HP
1 Mercedes – Actors (Model 2013) – 6 x 4 480
1 M.A.N 6 X 4 (Model 2007) 480
1 Drive 8×4 equipped with crane with a capacity of 6 tons 420
3 M.A.N. 8×4 660
1 Drive 8×4 equipped with crane with a capacity of 6 tons 420
1 M.A.N. 6×6 380
1 Berliet 6×4 330